How will you spend your New Year's Eve? Dancing of course! It's been nine years now since we came up with the idea of organizing a New Year's Eve Ball for everybody who likes to dance folk. For the fourth year, you can jig, waltz or do the scottish on one of the best dance floors in the country at Herk-de-Stad. The ball is an intimate setting with four fantastic, intimate folk bands.

The Playlist:

Doors open and reception: 07:00PM

Naragonia quartet 08:00PM - 09:30PM

The folk music of Naragonia has a unique style, refined and yet energetic. The duet with Toon Van Mierlo and Pascale Rubens was born in 2003 at the Andancas festival, Portugal. Shortly after, Naragonia became popular in the folk world. They have received a lot of respect for their 6 CDs in Belgium and abroad. They have already played on many international stages.

Naragonia Quartet is more than just an instrumental extension of the duet. With its own repertoire and its own sound, the Naragonia Quartet guarantees us a unique experience with beautiful music that is also very danceable. Naragonia opens Vier intiem in an offbeat and swirling universe, where it is good to stay. Of course, they play a lot of melodies from their latest CD "Mira".



Balbrozijn 09:45PM - 11:15PM

Wim Claeys returned from his higher folk music education in Sweden in 1996, and soon he shared his passion with his companions Tom Theuns and Wouter Vandenabeele. Ambrozijn had its premiere in early 1997. For 10 years, the trio played all kinds of venues and filled 7 CDs. They worked together with singers Jo Van Bauwel and Soetkin Collier, Ludo Van Deau, Laïs , Fluxus and others. A nice sidetrack was Balbrozijn, the folk ball version that played with varying line-ups on the Boombals Wim organized since 2000.

In 2007, Ambrozijn existed for 10 years and they went out in style: Together with 5 guest vocalists, a rhythm section and a string orchestra, they put together a 'best of' program that toured all year, with a definitive final performance in Ghent on 21 December 2007.

And now, ten years later, they are together again in Herk-de-Stad: The pioneering trio Wim, Wouter and Tom, together with fiddler Aurélie Dorzée, will bring the old ballrepertoire of Ambrozijn again in quartet form.


Le manege 11:30PM - 01:00AM

Le Manège is part of the neo-trad French movement. It's a dance party with schottish, mazurka, bourrée, polska, circle ... on melodies that greedily dialogue and a generous song . A surprising mix of acoustic (accordion, violin, clarinet) and electric (telecaster, effects, sampling) timbres. The magic Le Manège ball of New Years’ Eve will be brought by Amélie Denarie (Les Zéoles) on diatonic accordion and voice, Adama Diop (Sons Libres) on percussion and voice, Jean Laurent Cayzac (La Machine) on double bass, guitar and effects of all kinds and the violin of Gilles Geenen (Les Amants de Simone). In addition the quartet will be 5 with Florian Huygebaert (Zlabya, ...) on percussion.

Be prepared for this:

Approach, approach ladies and gentlemen. For you tonight the biting rooster, the flying fox, the black wolf with quince legs. Also the thousand dragon fire eaters will come! And that's not all, mysterious ladies and gentlemen. Tonight we bring you the dances of the Terremerland, the immobile cochinchine, the schottish at 123 times and a half, the bourrée bourée... Ladies and gentlemen, for you this last evening of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 ... LE MANEGE!


AmoRRomA 01:15AM - 03:00AM

Amorroma is a Belgian acoustic folk music band with roots in traditional European folk-dance music. The group was founded by Jowan Merckx in 2000, and consists of himself (composer, recorder, singer, bagpipes) and several other musicians. At Vier Intiem, Amorroma brings a programme of dancing music with Vincent Noiret on double bass, Maarten Decombel guitar and singer Elly Aerden singer as the other members of the quartet.

All melodies and songs are composed by Jowan Merckx. In the music is the recorder used as a main musical instrument, with makes the music of Amorroma unique. The name Amorroma consists of the two words Amor and Roma. For the Cathars these words have a contradiction. Amorroma uses this theme for her music to show all different feelings with form part of human being.

Amoroma is not only a folk band, it is a flexible ensemble with room for influences from traditional music, early music and chanson.


JAM 03u00 - …



Early bird: 23€ / 18€ (students) (early bird action until September 30)
Normal price: 25€ / 20€ (students) (valid from Octobre 1 until December 14)
Last minute: 27€ / 22€ (students) (price from December 15 – online reservation still required)

A glass of sparkling wine and appetizers are included.

Warning.: places are limited to 250 people.


Reservations through the "tickets" link
After enrollment, you receive an e-mail with all the details.
There are only 250 places available.
Attention, there is no refund for payed tickets.

Food and drinks

Do not expect a three course menu. We recommend you have already eaten before entering the venue. The evening starts with an appetizer which is included in the entry price. During the evening, we also offer different soups and sandwiches. And of course there will be our dessert buffet!

Own food and drinks are not allowed in the room. This is necessary to maintain our low entry price, for a quality program. Large bottles of water are available for purchase.

How to get there and where to stay?

De Markthallen
Markt 2
3540 Herk-de-Stad

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