How will you spend your New Year's Eve? Dancing of course! It's been nine years now since we came up with the idea of organizing a New Year's Eve Ball for everybody who likes to dance folk. For the fourth year, you can jig, waltz or do the scottish on one of the best dance floors in the country at Herk-de-Stad. The ball is an intimate setting with four fantastic, intimate folk bands.

The Playlist:

Doors open and reception: 07:00PM

SALUT! 08:00PM - 09:30PM

Salut! Is a German neotrad trio with a cello by Johanna Stein, a steep Klezmer clarinet played by Philipp Durke and a hurdy-gurdy or a groovy piano played by Alexander Loch. The trio plays the classical ball dances, with a special preference for sensual mazurkas and crooked waltzes, and sometimes even a tango.


Duo absynthe 09:45PM - 11:15PM

The meeting between two night owls Aurelien Clarambaux en Sylvain Letourneau gives us dynamite schottishes, dreamy mazurkas, drunk bourrées and improvisation ... "DUO ABSYNTHE" moves between mazurkas and languor ... They look like two friends on a bench at the edge of the stage, who would give news, talk about the rain and the good weather ... But no banality in the music of the DUO ABSYNTHE!

We celebrate their melodies with malice and reverence, the dancers serve as reference, and the music is their home brewed specialty. The ball from duo Absynthe tastes like a salted butter caramel. We love it, we will dance and dance and we will ask for more!


NOVAR 11:30PM - 01:00AM

Novar is a new band around two protagonists of the Flemish folk, namely Toon Van Mierlo on bagpipes & sax and Jeroen Geerinck on keys and mandola. Toon Van Mierlo was one of the driving forces behind Fluxus, the band that was the cradle of the folk revival around the turn of the century. And then he started Naragonia, and other groups ... Jeroen Geerinck may be a bit younger, his palmares is also impressive: he is one of the front men of Snaarmaarwaar, he is Geronimo…. Together with Frenchman Thierry Nouat (hurdy-gurdy) and Aurélien Claranbaux (accordion), they create a unique musical universe where trad and neo go hand in hand. Thanks to the electronics, the Novar sound is also very danceable.



BOHEME 01:15AM - 03:00AM

The "Bohemian" project was born from a double encounter: Two musicians whose paths were intimately linked, but also the encounter between two musical universes. Pauline Caplier, classical pianist, started in 2012 to adapt her piano playing to dance music. Then in 2015 Sylvain Letourneau started with compositions for "Bohème". Sylvain trades the guitar he plays in "POKE" and "Duo Absynthe" for the double bass and the accordion. Pauline and Sylvain share with us a dynamic and spontaneous ball with the sensitive virtuosity and swing asserted in the service of the dance ... This worthy closing of Vier Intiem brings you in the ideal atmosphere to make 2018 a wonderful year.


JAM 03u00 - …



Early bird: 23€ / 18€ (students) (early bird action until October 31)
Normal price: 25€ / 20€ (students) (valid from November 1 until November 30)
Last minute: 27€ / 22€ (students) (price from December 1 – online reservation still required)

A glass of sparkling wine and appetizers are included.

warning.: places are limited to 250 people.


Reservations through the "tickets" link
After enrollment, you receive an e-mail with all the details.
There are only 250 places available.
Attention, there is no refund for payed tickets.

Food and drinks

Do not expect a three course menu. We recommend you have already eaten before entering the venue. The evening starts with an appetizer which is included in the entry price. During the evening, we also offer different soups and sandwiches. And of course there will be our dessert buffet!

Own food and drinks are not allowed in the room. This is necessary to maintain our low entry price, for a quality program. Large bottles of water are available for purchase.

How to get there and where to stay?

De Markthallen
Markt 2
3540 Herk-de-Stad

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